FreeBSD 文档计划新手入门读本

The FreeBSD Documentation Project

FreeBSD 中文计划

  感谢您参与 FreeBSD 文档计划,您的点滴贡献,都相当宝贵。

  这份入门介绍了您在开始为 FreeBSD 文档项目提供帮助之前所需要了解的全部内容, 涵盖了从您将使用的工具和软件 (包括必须和推荐使用的) 到文档项目本身的哲学等的各类内容。

  本文档还在草稿,尚未完稿。未完成的章节,我们会在章节名称旁边加注『 * 』以作识别。

Shell 提示符
『Notes、 Tips、 Important Information、 Warnings 以及 Examples』 的运用
第1章 概论
1.1 FreeBSD 的文档
1.2 在开工之前...
1.3 快速上手篇
第2章 工具
2.1 必备工具
2.1.1 软件
2.1.2 DTDs 及字符实体(Entity)
2.1.3 样式表(Stylesheets)
2.2 可选工具
2.2.1 软件
第3章 SGML Primer
3.1 Overview
3.2 Elements, tags, and attributes
3.2.1 For you to do...
3.3 The DOCTYPE declaration
3.3.1 Formal Public Identifiers (FPIs)
3.3.2 Alternatives to FPIs
3.4 Escaping back to SGML
3.5.1 For you to do...
3.6 Entities
3.6.1 General Entities
3.6.2 Parameter entities
3.6.3 For you to do...
3.7 Using entities to include files
3.7.1 Using general entities to include files
3.7.2 Using parameter entities to include files
3.7.3 For you to do...
3.8 Marked sections
3.8.1 Marked section keywords
3.8.2 For you to do...
3.9 Conclusion
第4章 SGML Markup
4.1 HTML
4.1.1 Formal Public Identifier (FPI)
4.1.2 Sectional elements
4.1.3 Block elements
4.1.4 In-line elements
4.1.5 Links
4.2 DocBook
4.2.1 FreeBSD extensions
4.2.2 Formal Public Identifier (FPI)
4.2.3 Document structure
4.2.4 Block elements
4.2.5 In-line elements
4.2.6 Images
4.2.7 Links
第5章 * Stylesheets
5.1 * DSSSL
5.2 CSS
5.2.1 The DocBook documents
第6章 Structuring documents under doc/
6.1 The top level, doc/
6.2 The lang.encoding/ directories
6.3 Document specific information
6.3.1 The Handbook
第7章 The Documentation Build Process
7.1 The FreeBSD Documentation Build Toolset
7.2 Understanding Makefiles in the Documentation tree
7.2.1 Subdirectory Makefiles
7.2.2 Documentation Makefiles
7.3 FreeBSD Documentation Project make includes
第8章 The Website
8.1 Preparation
8.1.1 Simple method: Using csup
8.1.2 Advanced method: Maintaining a local CVS doc/www repository
8.2 Build the web pages from scratch
8.3 Install the web pages into your web server
8.4 Environment variables
第9章 Translations
第10章 Writing style
10.1 Style guide
10.1.1 Letter case
10.1.2 Acronyms
10.1.3 Indentation
10.1.4 Tag style
10.1.5 White space changes
10.1.6 Nonbreaking space
10.2 Word list
第11章 使用 Emacssgml-mode
第12章 请参阅
12.1 FreeBSD 文档计划
12.2 SGML
12.3 HTML
12.4 DocBook
12.5 Linux 文档计划
附录A. Examples
A.1 DocBook <book>
A.2 DocBook <article>
A.3 Producing formatted output
A.3.1 Using Jade
例1. 这是举例说明
例3-1. Using an element (start and end tags)
例3-2. Using an element (start tag only)
例3-3. Elements within elements; <em>
例3-4. Using an element with an attribute
例3-5. Single quotes around attributes
例3-6. .profile, for sh(1) and bash(1) users
例3-7. .cshrc, for csh(1) and tcsh(1) users
例3-8. SGML generic comment
例3-9. Erroneous SGML comments
例3-10. Defining general entities
例3-11. Defining parameter entities
例3-12. Using general entities to include files
例3-13. Using parameter entities to include files
例3-14. Structure of a marked section
例3-15. Using a CDATA marked section
例3-16. Using INCLUDE and IGNORE in marked sections
例3-17. Using a parameter entity to control a marked section
例4-1. Normal HTML document structure
例4-2. <h1>, <h2>, etc.
例4-3. Bad ordering of <hn> elements
例4-4. <p>
例4-5. <blockquote>
例4-6. <ul> and <ol>
例4-7. Definition lists with <dl>
例4-8. <pre>
例4-9. Simple use of <table>
例4-10. Using rowspan
例4-11. Using colspan
例4-12. Using rowspan and colspan together
例4-13. <em> and <strong>
例4-14. <b> and <i>
例4-15. <tt>
例4-16. <big>, <small>, and <font>
例4-17. Using <a href="...">
例4-18. Using <a name="...">
例4-19. Linking to a named part of another document
例4-20. Linking to a named part of the same document
例4-21. Boilerplate <book> with <bookinfo>
例4-22. Boilerplate <article> with <articleinfo>
例4-23. A simple chapter
例4-24. Empty chapters
例4-25. Sections in chapters
例4-26. <para>
例4-27. <blockquote>
例4-28. <warning>
例4-29. <itemizedlist>, <orderedlist>, and <procedure>
例4-30. <programlisting>
例4-31. <co> and <calloutlist>
例4-32. <informaltable>
例4-33. Tables where frame="none"
例4-34. <screen>, <prompt>, and <userinput>
例4-35. <emphasis>
例4-36. Quotations
例4-37. Keys, mouse buttons, and combinations
例4-38. Applications, commands, and options.
例4-39. <filename>
例4-40. <filename> tag with package role
例4-41. <devicename>
例4-42. <hostid> and roles
例4-43. <username>
例4-44. <maketarget> and <makevar>
例4-45. <literal>
例4-46. <replaceable>
例4-47. <errorname>
例4-48. id on chapters and sections
例4-49. <anchor>
例4-50. Using <xref>
例4-51. Using <link>
例4-52. <ulink>
例A-1. DocBook <book>
例A-2. DocBook <article>
例A-3. Converting DocBook to HTML (one large file)
例A-4. Converting DocBook to HTML (several small files)
例A-5. Converting DocBook to Postscript
例A-6. Converting DocBook to PDF


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